Sheep Welcome to Schoolhouse Farm. We are a small farm on a picturesque hilltop in central New Hampshire, where we raise and sell registered Icelandic sheep, grow organic hay, and make our own compost for sale. Our diverse range of value-added products, includes: grass-fed meat; fleece, yarn, and roving; colorful, soft pelts from our own flock; and our custom-woven throws, made from farm-raised fleece. We are an Animal Welfare Approved farm, a certified producer with American Grassfed Association, and listed with Eat Wild under their Directory of Pastured Product Farms. If you go to our "For Sale" page and click on The Studio, you can view Wendy's original sheep-themed paintings and prints that are available for purchase as well. By navigating our website, you can learn more about us, our farm philosophy, our products, and our sheep. In addition, we've provided links to resources that have been invaluable to us as shepherds.

- Wendy & Norman

Sheep Our 2015 Lambs Are Here!

After a long, cold, enduring winter, spring finally arrived on our farm with our 2015 lambing season. We have 22 fast growing, bouncing, running lambs on the ground, in a multitude of colors and patterns, as well as some beautiful bright white girls and boys. We were very pleased with how vigorous they were at birth and how well they are growing on our own alfalfa hay and lush spring pastures -- not to mention mother's creamy milk.


Our For Sale page is completely updated with photos of our best lambs for sale for breeding, in addition to several yearling ewes who have not yet been bred. Our newest flock sire "Jo-Jo," a moorit spotted ram, produced more beautiful chocolate colored ewe and ram lambs for us again this year. We also have some striking black spotted lambs sired by our veteran Caesar, who predictably produces well muscled lambs for breeding, as well as our grassfed meat sales.

Despite a wet summer last year, with infrequent windows for harvesting hay, we managed to get in a great crop. While many livestock farmers in New England ran out of hay early this winter, due to the cold and the length of the season, we continue to have a good supply remaining of our premium alfalfa hay for our lactating ewes and growing lambs. We hope to get our first cutting of this year's crop in the next week.

Though the pastures greened up slowly this spring, we finally have thick grass, legumes, and lots of dandelions for our flock to happily graze.

Below is a video of our 2014 lambs playing "king of the mountain" on their favorite stump in our north pasture: