Baled Hay and On-Farm Compost


We grow all our own hay for the flock here in Tamworth, NH. In addition to the 12 acres of hayfields on our farm, we have begun to manage an additional 30 acres of fields nearby for our neighbors. We manage these other fields using the same organic standards as on our own fields. These neighboring fields had been neglected for many years without any soil amendments, so the first step was to apply bulk lime, sulphate of potash and bone char to correct pH, potassium and phosphorous levels. The fields have responded well to these applications, as well as to overseeding them with grass and legume mixes for last fall's growing season. Our goal is to grow both a high protein alfalfa/grass mix on the 12 acres and a high energy grass/legume mix on the remaining 30 acres.


Horse, sheep, cow, turkey and chicken manure is collected from local farms and carefully blended with hay, straw, wood shavings and other used bedding material into 100' long windrows. We turn the windrows weekly to aerate the compost with a tractor-driven compost turner. This composting process is much faster than static pile composting and yields a lighter, richer, more consistent product. We love our farm-made compost for enriching the soil in our gardens and hayfields. For a fascinating in-depth read on both the scientific, as well as psychological benefits of composted soil, check out this article from The Atlantic Monthly.

Hay is for sale either right off the field or at the storage barn. All hay is baled in small squares weighing approximately 40 to 45 lbs.


We offer our compost for sale by pick up only. Please contact us for availability.

Hay In the Field:

$6.00 for Alfalfa/Grass Mix

$4.00 for Grass/Legume Mix

Hay At the Barn:

$7.00 for Alfalfa/Grass Mix

$4.50 for Grass/Legume Mix


$30 per yard or $20 for a pickup load.